Environmental policy

Environmental policy

The management of the Economy Hotel, fully aware of the importance of maintaining the quality of the environment, developed an environmental internal management system and in connection with informing the staff and customers how to contribute to the preservation of natural wealth and energy sources.

With our environmental policy, we are committed to harmonization with the relevant legislation and the continuous improvement of the hotel’s environmental actions, combined with the provision for reducing environmental pollution. In particular, the company has formulated an environmental policy which focuses on the following priorities:

  • Compliance to the rules and good practices related to environmental activities.
  • Proper management of energy resources, reduction of energy – water consumption, CO2 emissions and improvement of environmental performance.
  • Evaluation of environmental impacts of its activities, with the aim of reducing or even eliminating negative impacts.

Environmental information for staff.

  • Encouraging staff and visitors for their active participation in the environmental management of the business. In order to achieve the above objectives, the company has carried out the following actions in recent years:
  • Electromagnetic cards in the rooms for power supply only in the presence of the user.
  • Air conditioning traps on balcony doors, stopping the use of air conditioning units when doors and windows are open.
  • All of the lamps in the installation have been replaced with low-consumption LED lamps.
  • Replacement of electrical and electronic equipment when required with devices of energy class A’ or higher.
  • Recycling of old batteries, lamps and electronic equipment.
  • The existence of thermostats in all guest rooms of the hotel for autonomy and optimization of heating and air conditioning consumption.
  • The use of only biodegradable toilet paper in all the bathrooms of the rooms and shared WCs.
  • Regular inspection for maintenance of machinery and equipment and for leaks.
  • Choose larger packages to minimize waste generation.
  • Use of biodegradable and environmentally friendly cleaning products.
  • Information and awareness of staff on environmental issues with the aim of their active participation in environmental management issues.